Term Limits and Reform |

Grassroots Update: December 23, 2013


Great news: over 200,000 people from across Illinois have now signed our petition for Term Limits and Reform. We are well on our way to reaching the 298,399 signatures required by law to have our binding constitutional amendment placed on the November 2014 ballot. Your support has been a big part of our success. Thank you for your help and support in bringing Term Limits and Reform to Springfield.

We still need your help reaching out to people who want to make a difference in Illinois.

With everyone gathered together this week for the holidays, will you please ask your family, friends, and neighbors if they will help support Term Limits and Reform and bring back real change to Illinois politics and return power to us, the citizens of Illinois.

It’s easy to collect 10 signatures, most people are more than happy to sign.


  1. Download and print the petition and instructions from TermLimitsAndReform.com
  2. Ask 10 friends, family members, and neighbors to sign (as long as they’re registered to vote in Illinois)
  3. Have the petition notarized (your local bank will have a notary on site)
  4. Mail notarized petitions back to us (our mailing address can be found here)

Thank you!

Happy holidays from your friends at TermLimitsAndReform.com